quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011

Let's pray together?

    I can’t remember the last time I went to a church. I think it was about three years ago. One thing I can tell you: My life was better when I went to the church.
    Today I was thinking about the mass. It was so bore. Sorry God, but it was. I remember the women singing so slow, so disheartened.
    When I was younger there was a group in my church, the young group. We use to go to the church together and pray. It was funny, when we had to sing we used to do it faster than the old women. Our mass was fun.
    But, I don’t know if I was praying for the right reasons. Once I was at the church talking to God (In my thoughts). I remember that I asked him a boyfriend. I said: “Please God, give me a sign. Who will be my first boyfriend?” Then the hottest guy of the neighborhood arrived. I said: “Wow! God, is it for me? Are you sure? Will he be my first boyfriend? I thank you man!”
    But the boy wasn’t interested in me. He was interested in a friend of mine. I believe I was rude with him. He did a joke with me and I said the most boring thing ever said: “In four little installments it will be yours!” He said that my cell phone would belong to him. I know, I’m a boring person.
    But, back to the church thing, I guess I’ll pray this weekend, on the church. Well, I have to see my soap opera first. I can’t miss an episode of “Cordel Encantado” (I don’t know how to write Cordel in English, but Encantado means Enchanted). When I was younger, I guess I was seven. There was a soap opera named “The Vampire Kiss” I was addicted in this soap opera, and the soap opera and the mass started at the same time. I was a child so I choose the soap opera.
    But now I miss the church. I always believed in God. Sometimes I yell at him, but who didn’t?
    I remember the funny moments, the bore moments. And I can remember them with affection, because I was happy. Even when a woman tried to expel us (but it is a story for another post, it’s very funny. I can’t remember this day without laugh.).

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Burnin' Up

Abril está pegando fogo!!!
Burnin Up!
Olha quem é o eyedrop de Abril...Joe Jonas...
Tell me what you think about him...
Digam me o que pensam sobre ele...


    Hoje no ônibus, indo para o curso, me bateu uma invejinha...rsrsrs
    Eu estava sentado perto de um garoto, muito bonitinho (estou de olho nele tem um século). Ele estava falando no telefone com uma amiga dele...Falavam de muitas coisas, e eu consegui ouvir tudo o que ele disse...

    "Em minha defesa: Ele estava no banco ao meu lado, nossos braços estavam se tocando, e ele não fala muito baixo."

    ...Ele estava perguntando para ela sobre boates (arregalei os olhos)...depois ele disse que o namorado dele o chamou para ir a um show ( morri de inveja)...Acho que o namoro dele foi para o nível seguinte, pois ele falava que não aguentava mais ficar sem, que o record dele eram dois dias...
     Pensei: WHY NOT ME? WHY? WHY?
     Mas acho que não daria para namorarmos, ambos somos passivos...não conversei com ele, mas pelo jeito dele eu sei que ele é passivo....

    P.S.: Ele me ofereceu uma bala, mas eu não aceitei...Fiquei tímido na hora...rsrsr...devia ter pego e guardado o pacotinho como as garotas de antigamente guardavam o pacotinho do sonho-de-valsa (ainda guardam?) no diário...

    Vou ter paciência...meu dia vai chegar...I believe you God...Help me!

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

There's no other way

    No matter what people say: I was born this way.
    There’s no choice. There’s no advice. There’s only a way: My way, my path.
    People might say that we are shameless, but we are not. I am a man who loves men. Is it a sin? Is love a sin? I am like you all. I pay my bills, I work to earn money, I think, I cry…Where’s the difference?
    The only difference is that I know more about women than you all. The other difference…I like men…
    I’m not asking you to say: “Oh, I love gay!” I just want you to respect me. I don’t like everything. We are humans, it’s normal. But I know how to respect the differences.
    Why people still hating us?
    We are living our lives.
    When I was at school I heard my math teacher saying that gay people should be locked at home. He was very upset because there was a soap opera showing gay scenes (well, there wasn’t gay scenes, there was a gay character called Junior.)
    It’s horrible. Teacher should teach good things and not how to hate and be intolerant.
    Church? Religion?
    I’m upset with them. Some people get scared when I say that I don’t believe in the holy bible.
    I don’t believe it. I believe in God. I know that he is over us, and that someday he will back.
    I can’t trust in something who says to love and to hate.
    I’m confused.
    Everybody want to make us disappear.
    They talk about us as we were one kind of illness…We are humans…All God’s kids.
    People should learn what is respect. Not only with gay people. They should learn how to respect everybody. This is the first step to make the world a better place.

Sorry! I'm learning English, so...there are a lot of mistakes here